Little Bow Pip Pippa Light Pink Bow Headband


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Little Bow Pip Bows are handmade of exceptionally high quality fabrics that were sourced specifically to meet the needs of delicate baby heads and fluffy soft hair. They have tied, and un-tied, and re-tied and basically tied themselves in knots, to bring you a selection of some of the finest bows available for your little princesses.

Our Pippa Bows are handmade from the softest most delicate fabrics and will stretch & grow with your little girls head.
♡ If your child is under 6 months, we recommend choosing size small for a neat fit. Size small will fit up to 18 months, if worn regularly enough as it will stretch & grow with your little girl. If you find its a little too snug, we recommend gently stretching it out with your hands.
♡ When your child turns 6 months, we advise a size medium, as you don’t have the 6 months worth of wear/stretch. Size medium will fit up to an adult so have fun twinning with your little one.
♡ Do remember.. a size small will still fit a 6 month old little girl, it will just need a gentle stretch to catch up with the growth.
​♡ If you have some size smalls in your Pippa Bow Collection, don’t put them aside or let them go to waste, pop your hands inside & give it a little stretch.


Please choose size medium or small in the comment box.


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